Topic: Sports and Games in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East

Volume Editors: Raleigh Heth and Shane M. Thompson

Contact: Raleigh Heth ( and Shane M. Thompson (

The editors of the new book series Life and Society in the Ancient Near East (LSANE – Transnational Press London) are pleased to announce a new endeavor in collaborative peer-review scholarship, LSANE online Editorial Seminars (

The leaders of the workgroup Sports and Games in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East, Raleigh Heth and Shane M. Thompson, are currently soliciting interested contributors.

The volume will address an array of topics pertaining to sports and games in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. We welcome scholars who have theoretical, textual, iconographic and/or material cultural expertise. We also encourage collaborative topics for specialists in different disciplines (i.e., scholars working on modern sports with scholars working in the ancient world).

For this volume, seminar participants will present and discuss evidence regarding, but not limited to:

Competitive Sports in the Ancient World
Participation in the Roman Colosseum
Races (Footraces, Chariot Races)
Acts of Physical Strength
Exploration of the Connections between Modern and Ancient Sports
Exploitation of Modern College Athletes and Roman Slaves/Gladiators
Board games
Mesopotamian Board Games (Game of Ur)
Egyptian Board Games
Greco-Roman Board Games
Iconography of Athletes and/or Game Players
Depictions on Stelae, Wall Reliefs, or Frescos
Archaeological Evidence for Ancient Games and Sports
Game Pieces and Boards
Literary/Mythical Allusions to Games and Sports
Archaeogaming and Digital Gaming
Theoretical Approaches to Sports and Games in the ancient Near East
Intellectual Competition
Events Revolving Around Competing Intellects, Memorization

The first workgroup will convene via Zoom on a date and time agreed upon by the participants. The workgroup will gather for two further editorial meetings over the course of 18 months. Participants are expected to contribute specific sources and to contextualize them within the discussion.

Participation is free of charge but limited in capacity based on fit. Interested persons should complete the form indicating their interest by August 30th, 2021.

Questions can be addressed to the volume editors, Raleigh Heth ( and Shane M. Thompson (