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We are issuing a call for proposals for a new type of edited volume developed through an innovative collaborative peer-review approach using online workgroups called LSANE Editorial Seminars. Volumes are developed through an open peer-review process that increases referee accountability and aims to make the review process more constructive.

With these seminars, the editors of LSANE seek to accomplish two goals: 

1) Increase accessibility for scholars around the world to participate in high-quality research conversations and publication unburdened from the costs of professional societies or in-person conference attendance. 

2) Generate collaborative volumes that are more cohesive than traditional edited collections. 

Editorial Seminars will convene as closed online meetings at least three times over the course of 18 months.  Groups may agree to meet more than three times, if all members are in accord. Participation is free of charge but limited in capacity. The size of each workgroup will be determined by seminar leaders. Participants are expected to contribute to the volume, to be present at all meetings, and to commit to the peer-review process between meetings.

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